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Want to Send Money from PayPal but They Don't Serve in Your Country? helps many websites owners, freelancers and social media stores that need to send money from PayPal like everyday but unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t serve in their countries. e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and many other countries. 

We only take 5% Service charges. If you send $100 from  your BitCoin, Payoneer, Perfect Money or Skrill account into our account, we will send 95% of received amount in any PayPal Account you request instantly. There is no any other hidden fee.

Asked Questions!

Got questions regarding how we handle your funds and what are the terms and policies. Most of frequently asked questions have been answered below. But, feel free to shoot a question by contacting us and we will reply shortly!

Once you confirm the Payoneer, BitCoin, Skrill transaction screenshot, We send payment to given PayPal account within couple of minutes. We are the legit buyer of Payoneer, Bitcoin and Skrill dollars.

We have several payment methods; you can choose any from it. You can send  payment through BITCOIN, Perfect Money, Skrill or Payoneer.

We have a huge database of verified PayPal accounts in different countries but most of the PayPal accounts are created in Australia, United States and Malaysia.

Yes! We can send money to PayPal account as friend and family to avoid the fee if your recipient PayPal have option to accept as Friend and Family PayPal payment. 

As we do have intention to provide you peace of mind, we never intend to dispute the transaction. Once we pay invoice or bill. we confirm the shipment that we have received the service. After that PayPal will never let anybody dispute the transaction because we have already confirmed that we have received the service.

You want to start accepting PayPal payments but Still Have Questions? Don't Overthink!

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