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Offering PayPal Means more Sales on your Website helps many big websites that are unable to receive money through PayPal because of many reasons. We are the largest group on web who are accepting payments through PayPal and successfully providing services to many other businesses that are unable to accept payments through PayPal due to their strict rules and conditions that causes account’s suspension at the end and all payments stuck in PayPal for 180 days.

We have more than 1000+ PayPal verified Business accounts to manage your payments and its growing every day. We can create unlimited verified PayPal accounts and manage your payments. If they suspend any of our account, we will provide you another PayPal account that matches your needs.

Our Fee
and Benefits


We take 30% Service charges and send 70% amount to your BitCoin, Payoneer, Perfect Money or Skrill account. Bank wire is also an option but for limited countries. No hidden charges!

Why We charge 30% and what benefits comes from it?

We do not take more than $100 in 1 PayPal account and then we switch another PayPal account. If your website sale is $1000 USD a day, we might use 8-10 PayPal IDs with your website.  pay PayPal account creation and its verification costs from our share. Not only this, you also get free insurance of 50% blocked amount in case PayPal temporary or permanently blocks account for any reason. We still pay your share at the same day without letting you wait for 180 days of last received transaction.

Future iamge

1- Attach PayPal

We attach our verified business PayPal account on your website and our team member will keep monitoring your sales 24X7.

Create Ledger

We create a Google Spreadsheet where we add all incoming and outgoing payments to keep you updated all the time.

3- Send Money

Now is the time to get paid! Isn't it simple? You can take withdraw in BitCoin, Payoneer, Perfect Money or Skrill account.

Asked Questions!

Got questions regarding how we handle your funds and what are the terms and policies. Most of frequently asked questions have been answered below. But, feel free to shoot a question by contacting us and we will reply shortly!

We try our best to avoid the account suspension but sometimes it happens but we do not leave our clients helpless. When PayPal account gets blocked, they hold money for 180 days but we send 50% of block amount to our clients without letting them wait a single day and that’s why is growing with ever y passing day.

All payments that we receive in our PayPal account will be sent within 24 hours after receiving. All you have to do is, tell us how you would like to get paid.

We have several payment methods; you can choose any from it. We can send you payment through BITCOIN, Perfect Money or Payoneer. You can ask us to send money from any of the available payment methods and payment will be released within 24 hours.

We have a huge database of verified PayPal accounts in different countries but most of the PayPal accounts are created in Australia, United States and Malaysia.

Yes! We stick to our agreement of sending payment every 24 hours. We do not hold payments like PayPal do. We take risk but still send you payment. But if a payment came and that went on 24 hours review and PayPal asked to wait till they clear/reject the payment. We wait in this case only till payment arrives in our PayPal account.

As we are not delivering orders on your website, disputes will be yours! When a dispute comes, we send email to you or ask you on whatsapp or skype. How would you like to proceed with the dispute? If you give us go ahead for refund, we refund. And if you ask us to upload documents or proof of delivery, we upload that and wait for the PayPal decision.

Note: Fighting with PayPal disputes lead to account suspension most of the time, so most website owners prefer to issue refund most of the time.

You want to start accepting PayPal payments but Still Have Questions? Don't Overthink!

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