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Have Money in PayPal Account But Can Not Withdraw it? helps many websites owners, freelancers and social media stores that want to top up their BTC wallet, Payoneer, Skrill or Perfect money account. We also help People who don’t have PayPal in their country but somehow they got the PayPal accounts but unfortunately they can not withdraw or transfer money to banks from their PayPal account as most of them are stealth accounts. 

What are these Stealth Accounts  and what you can / can’t do with it?

Paypal stealth accounts are accounts that are not linked with original credit card or bank account. Most of the accounts come with Virtual  Credit card, Phone number and ID verification. Since there is no Bank account attached with PayPal account, you can only receive / send money with PayPal. 

Our Fee
and Benefits


We only take 30% Service charges. If you send us $100 from your PayPal account, we will receive $95.50 appx. as 4.5% is PayPal Fee but we do not charge it. You send us $100 USD in PayPal and we send $70 USD in your BTC Wallet, Payoneer, Skrill or Perfect Money account within 5 minutes.

There are no any additional charges or fee. Sell PayPal Dollars now.

Asked Questions!

Got questions regarding how we handle your funds and what are the terms and policies. Most of frequently asked questions have been answered below. But, feel free to shoot a question by contacting us and we will reply shortly!

All payments that we receive in our PayPal account will be sent within 5 minutes after receiving. All you have to do is, tell us how you would like to get paid.

We have several payment methods; you can choose any from it. We can send you payment through BITCOIN, Perfect Money or Payoneer. You can ask us to send money from any of the available payment methods and payment will be released within 24 hours.

Yes, we will provide a screenshot of transaction right after we complete the payment.

Once you send us money in our PayPal account, We will update the Shipment status as shipped for particular transaction. You would have to confirm the transaction and send us screenshot.

You want to start accepting PayPal payments but Still Have Questions? Don't Overthink!

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